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Literally everything Apple makes now with the exception of maybe the Apple Watch came from Steve Jobs. Jobs even said a few years before he died that he wants to make a car and show the world how to do it right. So even that’s from him. And my friends company probably will make the car ! And they’re the best in the world at it. But that is years away from fruition, if it even happens in the end.

There is no Innovation at Apple anymore. And Tim Cook is a manager. He’s no visionary. He will never have his name on a patent for Apple.

Tim Cook has to go. Seriously. Apple needs a new leader with ideas and vision. Or Apple growth days are OVER. All they do now is upgrade what they have ! And they’re playing catch up with Android in many features on phones, accessories, and technology, like Virtual Reality for one. This is incredible that the company that copied the iPhone is now the one with newer features.

Apple does make great phones. Don’t get me wrong. I think the iPhone 6S is the best ever made. But its so good not as many people need to or will upgrade to the iPhone 7. Unless its groundbreaking and earth shattering, which I doubt will happen. Remember, all they do us upgrade what they have existing already.

Buybacks and dividends aren’t going to do it. Financial engineering doesn’t last long at all.

As my friend, Fred Lange, just told me and he’s dead on right; what can Apple come up with that will impact a multi hundred billion dollar company, like the iPhone, which is slowing , in a meaningful positive way ?

The last decision Steve Jobs made as Apple CEO was his worst , and is helping ruin the company now that he created miraculously and perfectly. It’s so bad. It was one of the costliest of his entire career. ( $40 Billion in market value was erased between 4:30 and 5:15 PM today alone) He gave us Tim Cook. The manager. What a way to be remembered.

Bob Kurlander 


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