Apple iPhone 4.0 Versus the Blackberry Bold 5.0

[ 1 ] July 13, 2010 |

In my honest opinion, now after using the iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Bold:

The Blackberry Wins for me. Better email. Better typing. Better signal. Better call quality. Better texting. BETTER Messaging- you can not beat the Blackberry Messenger and its Free World Wide Service that can save thousands on a trip. Better Data plans and Faster Data as it takes a tenth of the bandwidth than iPhones. Better coverage internationally, just better for business. And, I have much LESS of a chance of killing myself when I text and email while driving…. Come on now all, we all know we do this!!! Why not be safe about it!!

iPhone 4.0 is Very Cool. Its a work of art. The Apps ROCK ( But honestly I do not find myself using the 100+ apps I have very regularly) . Screen and all media better than Blackberry. However Blackberry 6.0 with the touch screen AND Keyboard should narrow this gap considerably. As should the new Blackberry APP STORE.

So for me, Blackberry it is. I will keep an iPhone with cell service on a Family plan to use for downloading where there’s no Wifi and forward calls to my Berry.

Percect Combo. Blackberry and an iPAD 64GB with 3G and WiFi! The iPad totally Rocks and I use it all the time!!!



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