Bush Tax Cuts and Obama- Gridlock- Thoughts on Market For December.

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Just a quick note of an email I sent today.

R.A. Kurlander

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Bob Kurlander Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 11:49 AM
To: RUSH, Warren Mosler, Fred Lange>


All I care about is that the Bush Tax Cuts are extended for the bottom 80% permanently or whatever, and then for the top classes for the 2-3 years. Obama and the democrats are so bad, and so stupid ( like too a criminal enterprise) that by the time it comes up in 2 or three years for the renewal or further change or extension, the Democrats will probably NOT have the Senate too and possibly the presidency.

Looks like we will get the extension for all. Impossible before the election. Gridlock stopped a one sided democratic President, Senate and House. That was the key.

My thougts now are we will see a higher market into the end of 2010 and into mid 2011. Would not be surprised to see the S&P500 trade between the 1234-1270 Level by the end of 2010.

Obama just spoke on TV and you can see Gridlock in his words!


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