Friday’s Unemployment Number Is An Outright Lie. The Attempt To Con And Sway The Average Voter. Updated

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The jobs number(s) is completely inaccurate people! They are only trying to make Obama look better to help Killary-the democrats- and hurt Trump. (It’s in reverse as per below ). Obama is a total failure as is his FED Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, when it comes to helping the economy. Its the blind leading the blind.

The real unemployment rate is about 15% +. It’s not even close to 4.7%. ( see Rush comments below ) Also, you must remember that the government does not create jobs, unless you work for the government obviously. What creates jobs is having the right policies, rules and regulations, and tax structure in place that are pro business that help start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies to hire people and grow! The more the government is involved, the less this will happen, as it’s been proven over many years.

The government, starting with the president, and congress, needs to make it easier for businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to succeed and not have so much uncertainty, otherwise the economy will never grow, and the “true and accurate” unemployment rate will always be high. This is commonsense and with Obama as president it’s been anti-business, anti-growth, anti-American….

Will somebody please tell me how many jobs Hillary Clinton has created in her life? And compare that number, which is probably zero, except for some assistants, to the number of jobs that disappeared as a result of her? You would be shocked if you researched this number.

Will somebody tell me approximately how many jobs Donald Trump created in his life? How many hundreds of thousands?

Remember please, without real true job creation, and the proper policies in effect that supports this, America is not going to recover substantially, if at all.

The numbers, really analyzed and without paying attention to the phony headline for the masses of 4.7% unemployment rate, help Trump, who we definitely need for growth in the economy and jobs!

Here’s another analysis of the direction of the unemployment rate and the economic picture from David Rosenberg on Business Insider.

“Friday’s jobs number is the biggest “miss” by the economics community since December 2013, and the worst headline since September 2010 when the Fed was more preoccupied with its next round of quantitative easing than with raising the funds rate.

Not just that, but there were downward revisions to the prior two months totaling 59,000 — something we have not seen since June of last year.
Look at the pattern; +233,000 in February, +186,000 in March, +123,000 in April and +38,000 in May. Detect a pattern here??”

Don’t believe the media or the headlines, especially when it comes to Trump and anything Republican during this election. They’re trying to influence and sway the masses. The smart people already know who they’re going to vote for, whether it be Killary or Trump.

Bobby Kurlander

:::Rush comments from his web site below. ::: from

“You know why the unemployment rate’s 4.7%? It’s not because new jobs are being created. It’s because people are leaving the workforce that aren’t being counted anymore. Come on! It’s common sense. Ninety-four, almost 95 million Americans are not working, and they want to talk to us about a plunging unemployment rate?” Rush Rush is dead on accurate!


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