Market Comment After Market Open- Payroll Tax Holiday

[ 0 ] December 3, 2010 |

R.A. Kurlander to Market Group
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Totally happy with it hanging around here today. Fills in. Not much pressure. Back to even. Acting awesome. All this talk of QE3 and more. Payroll tax holiday….. To me the jobs number is a positive today as is gives buying opportunity and get Gridlock to really come to fruition. Then full steam ahead. Euro over 1.335 as we wanted too. Market acts well.

Warren Mosler first discussed the idea of a Payroll Tax Holiday in 2007/2008. Lets call him the “Father of the Payroll Tax Holiday” as NO ONE discussed this on any media before him. It appears that all his efforts running for Senate as Labor Of Love to the USA and Economy may be paying off.

Buy Weakness. And Buy strength in the right stocks too!



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