Market Update. Stock Recommendations Update And Additions.

[ 0 ] January 26, 2011 |

In talking to Lange Financial Services this evening on the markets and their recent recommendations on individual shares, we are posting this update below.

Some of the stocks that we have recommended to accumulate during weakness recently have started to act very well. Price gains are today are approximate unless noted, showing the benefits of accumulating strong stocks on periods of weakness.

ANR +2.00
WLT +9.00
AAPL +20.00 in past three days
CLF +5.75
QCOM +3.00
GOOG +10.00 past three days
BTU +2.80
DECK +3.00 past two days

We would continue to accumulate these shares during periods of weakness.

Selectivity is becoming more important given the fact that the market has enjoyed a sharp advance over the last 6 months. Some other stocks that we view as attractive and less volatile include:

General Motors
Magna International

The market today reached the highest level today since June 2008. After the close, recomended Qualcomm (up 3.00) and Netflix reported substantially better than expected earnings. We continue to expect further market strength in the months ahead. We would add to or initiate new positions in the aformentioned stocks during periods of weakness.


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