Markets today. July 12th. Bot the down opening.

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I bot the down opening this morning. I like it when markets open down somewhat as I can judge the selling pressure and as there didn’t seem to be too much, I took a shot and added to my S and P and Nasdaq futures, along with some tech growth stocks. Earnings begin this week, and since the guidances were lowered last quarter I would think its possible for some good reports. Most important is the future guidance reports going forward from now.

The market Had a little hickup with the Consumer Reports statement that they do not approve the iPhone 4.0. ALL cell phones have issues like this. I would buy weakness in Apple. THIS IS APPLE for God’s sake. They don’t come out with a new iPhone and have major problems with it. They are far better than that. Waiting on the firmware update. I reset my Network Settings too and mine works much better now too. Took 10 seconds.


Bob Kurlander to Lange
9:55 AM (3 hours ago)

” The Market’s Right and You’re Wrong”

“Don’t confuse brains with an UP market.”

” Most people don’t make money in the market, they just borrow it for a while.”

Told to me 25 years ago by Fred Lange

Must Read by Warren Mosler::

‘The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds’

” When everyone thinks alike, everyone is very likely to be wrong”
Humphrey B. Neill Great Stock Trader

” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result” Albert Einstein


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