Monday Morning, July 26, 2010 Short note. Also, CNBC and FORD

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Happy Monday!

Just a short note to say first of all I apologize for the lack of more posts over the past week. I was traveling in NYC. I am back at the home desk so things will hopefully flow better.

Regarding the market today, I think all is on track for higher times ahead. One thing on my mind is that I saw and read people going bullish today after being bearish for a while, like Biggs and others. Therefore I would not be surprised to see a short term correction or dip which to me would be a good time to ” buy em”. Looking for a reverse turn around Tuesday to see if we get that pullback then to buy.

CNBC was having an interview with the CEO of FORD this morning. Here is FORD that has done an amazing job. They refused the OBAMA reverse extortion money, turned the company around, are making great products, are just plain kicking a**. Then you have the commentator on CNBC pretty much chiding him saying ” Do you ever have a bad day? Do you ever stop smiling?……….” They were routing for him to fail. And he did not. So CNBC tries to bring him down. Typical OBAMA media.

More later!


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