New Feature. Real Time Twitter Feed Of Trading And Market Comments From Fred Lange. Valuable Information And Very Worthwhile.

[ 0 ] February 13, 2014 |

The Wall And Broad Report is very fortunate to have Fred Lange of Lange Financial Services as a frequent contributor to the site. Mr. Lange was the Director Of Research for Blair & Company in N.Y.C. He went on to manage the Neuwirth Fund- the number one performing fund in the world during the time Mr. Lange co-managed it with Marty Sass. From The 60′s through the 80′s Fred was one of the most regularly quoted market professionals in Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal, especially in the “Abreast Of The Market” column. Fred has been actively trading as a private investor for over 30 years and has a performance record that is excellent.

For several months now Fred has been Tweeting often numerous trading and market comments on his Twitter feed @fredwlange. We have followed every Tweet and acted on many of them. We have to say that anyone who has followed these numerous and timely comments and actually acted on them has absolutely done very well in the markets and in picking individual stocks that have outperformed the general market indices. We have been told by many friends that follow this Feed that they are extremely happy to receive them and one wrote that the Tweets absolutely help him navigate the markets with amazing accuracy. If you go back and read the tweets in order you will see the calls Fred made and the results as compared with the markets and individual stocks he mentioned.

We wanted to let you know that we have a Twitter Feed for the site @wabreport and the tweets from Fred Lange are being posted here as well. The best way to get them in a timely manner so as to act on the ideas and information is to turn on notifications so you receive each Tweet as it happens on your screen in real time. On the iPhone you would follow @wabreport. Next, on the screen that shows The Wall And Broad Report Twitter ,feed click the settings gear wheel on the middle left of the screen. Next click “Turn On Notifications” You will get a message that says you will now be notified instantly whenever a Tweet is made. The Tweet will appear as a notification. We truly believe that once you start following the information in the Tweets you will be happy you are getting this feed as it happens.

Our goal it to help you make money and we believe this will do so if you follow the Tweets and when comfortable, act on them as well. The historical Tweets in order are available too on the homepage of the site at


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