President Donald J Trump Six Months As President And The White House Changes. Updated

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There are a lot of unique things going on in Washington, DC and within the White House. For the masses it looks insane. Like the OJ trial only much more important.

But this I know:

Donald Trump is one highly smart person. Forget the 160 IQ. He’s street smart, and he’s a tough, never give up, can accomplish anything, fighter. He won it all didn’t he? ( and NO the Russians did not make him president the electoral college, voting on behalf of the people of the USA who voted for Trump did). The electoral votes go in line with the people in each state that voted. Without California it would have looked like Hillary never even ran for president. Then add NY too. Two states. That’s it really for her. The masses of people spoke.

He’s not a politician. Never claimed to be. He’s made mistakes. Absolutely. Is he unique and not always politically correct? Yes! Thank God. He’s changed people in high positions. Trusted some wrong people. He’s Said and tweeted some outrageous things. He’s made the same mistakes most of us have made throughout life only he’s in the public eye in the biggest way on the planet. So things get embellished, exaggerated, and hyperbolic. He’s human. Would you like living under a high definition microscope?

One important thing, as we have seen more Friday, is that he’s made mistakes, realized it, and makes changes! How many people try to hide the mistakes they make and things get so much worse?! Trump has the character to change his mistakes. And fast. He does not let things get worse and worse like so many do. Does not hide them. Like this week and since the beginning.

He doesn’t know exactly how these people are going to handle this power and incredible hard work it takes to be working for the president and the White House. Then think of the enormous adversity Trump and his staff too are up against. Incessant media lies and distortions along with the ingrained politicians, ( blue and red both ) worried to death that their private game could be compromised. This isn’t your local pizza place, or golf course, or restaurant! It’s the biggest machine in the world. On the planet. It’s beyond the mental comprehension of one or 5 people. It takes much much more than that.

So, after six months as president he sees how people interact with each other that have never had to before. Sees how they handle things. How they work together and how he works with them too. And of course changes can need to be made. And you know what? Even with all the chaos Trump has the guts to admit change is needed to make things work better and made them and will continue too. Even knowing the media will have a field day as well as the arm chair quarterbacks watching at home. I’m sure more will come and go until things are working better and better and the problems are gone. Bank on it.

Now he’s hired General Kelly. Do you have any idea how smart and tough this guy is? This is proving Trump needs and wants everything under more discipline and control. This was such an amazing change today now that I’ve thought about it. It will help tremendously. Watch going forward. Even ” the mooch ” Scaramucci will be scared of Kelly . It’s a HUGE positive today.

I can’t tell you how the USA is going to look after four years of Trump being president. But I can again guarantee you that Trump is trying to do great things, and he has a reason and motive behind every single thing he’s doing and saying. Every time it’s calculated. He’s thinking 8 moves ahead. That’s how he operates and has all his business life. He has that capacity. And then some. He’s just damn smart. Believe it.

So whether he’s going to be good or not good, it’s only been a short time, 3.5 more years will tell. Even sooner. But he’s not stupid as he won against Powerball type odds against him and deserves a chance. Simple as that.

Do you want to know how to really judge him rationally for who he really is? Look at his family. His children are all winners. And look who they’re with. More quality down the whole family line. This is the true measure of success.

He promised to ” Drain The Swamp”. Did you think that would be pretty? Easy? Happy? Everyone just get along like peachy keen best friends? It’s a deep, deep, ugly, dirty, nasty, rodent filled swamp, and it’s going to take observations and calculations and tons of chaos and work and time to accomplish. Give it to him. You may be happier in the end, pay less taxes, have better health care, and more opportunities. What the hell do you have to lose if you think rationally about it?

Bobby Kurlander



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