Quick Intra-Day Trading Update. Nov 29, 2010

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Combination of two emails I sent to friends and associates when Market was down 120 or so points on the day today. As of this typing the DOW, NASDAQ and S and P Futures are Up on the day.


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News in EU out and in prices. News in Korea out. Euro 1.42 to 1.305. Tax extensions coming. Market declined up to 4 to 5 percent. Selling Dried up today so far. Sales Fine for Holidays. More to come. Lots of Bearish calls or let’s say “worried people”. Bloch, Berge, Lange, Combias are bullish Into mid 2011 for now. Tech holding together. Now US banks are “safer than EU banks”. Gridlock working as mentioned in last post. Market down last 4 of 5 days. Not much pressure. SEEMS TO ME MOST ALL THE BAD NEWS IS OUT AND DIGESTED. THE RISK IS NOT BEING LONG.

Am I missing something for reasons to be more long than neutral????

Turn Around Tuesday/ Wednesday coming?

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