Quick Way To Put The Russian Election Tampering Allegations To Rest And Save $100,000,000.

[ 0 ] July 31, 2017 |

HIllary Clinton, according to CNN and other sources, and Wikipedia especially, WON the popular vote. See image below from Wikipedia. 48.2 to 46.1 percent. So if the Russians or anyone hacked or changed or effected the election where it is? It’s NOT in the voting booth. Not with the masses. Not with the people. Hillary won the popular vote from them! Where is this Russian involvement. It makes no rational sense.   

NOW:  Did the Russians hack or threaten the Electoral College voters? Get into their computers? Attack them or their families. Give them big money to vote a certain way? Remember the electoral voters who were considering not casting their vote for Trump and did? All the media on them? ( if you believe the media ) What happened? Trump won. Fair and square.    In fact, according to the media and some of the actual voters, they were being threatened and constantly contacted to change their votes for HILLARY and against Trump!!  Rigged? The attempt was made Against Trump with this, and FOR Hillary! 

There are 538 Electoral College voters. Hillary won 232 so forget them. Over. Done. She got them. That leaves 306 people that voted for Trump. That’s what it’s down to. 306 people. Even let’s say Hillary got the popular vote. And California and NY. So that leaves 74 votes or a 74 live, living, findable person difference !!!!

They want to spend tens of if not hundreds of millions on these special councils and tearing everyone apart for nothing. Over fake election tampering by the Russians.  It’s insane. It’s not warranted. And it’s resolved easily.   

All they have to do is deeply look into the finances and phone records and backgrounds and history of 74 live, human, known, electoral voters.  You know them, the ACTUAL voters that made Trump president. Not the masses or Trumps staff. Just the people that count. The Electoral Voters.

Were the Electoral Voters threatened? Notice unusual people following them? Trump people call them ? Hillary people call them? Interview each one. Under oath why not? And if they really want to be deep, look into the whole 306 that voted for Trump. Takes a couple of weeks and it’s over. But they won’t. Because it’s all lies and distortions and sore losing and much more.  




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