Random Comments. Sentiment Figures. Quick Update

[ 0 ] January 27, 2011 |

The figures below from today show a rise in the bearish sentiment. This is usually a positive for the markets. These recent figures may reflect seemingly many of the people we see on CNBC and other stations looking for a pullback of up to 10% in some cases, we do not agree with this line of thinking. These figures are in line with our theme of higher prices in the months ahead and to accumulate good stocks during periods of weakness. W&BR


According to Amer. Assoc. of Individual Investors:

Individual investor bearishness rose to 34.3% from 29.1% last week – 5 month high!

Bulls fell to 42.0% from 50.7%, 10 wk. low

Neutral rose to 23.7% from 20.1%

Bull-bear spread drops to 7.8% from 21.6%, 10 wk. low



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