RIMM- Blackberry. The alleged security (Censorship) issues and new 6.0 OS

[ 0 ] July 27, 2010 |

I have been reading much lately about RIMM and some potential issues with their Blackberry Messenger chat service in the middle east. Saudi Arabia and some other countries are concerned that they can not ‘monitor’ their people as easy as they want to as a result of the security of the Blackberry Messenger service, and the servers being located in Canada, outside of their legal domain. The shares have dropped to the low 50’S in the last two days as a result. I also believe people think this can be an issue for them in China too, where they are launching now too, as well as India.

I think this is a NON ISSUE since each carrier has the option to turn off the Blackberry Messenger Service to subscribers of their network if desired. Therefore it can be handled locally and should have no meaningful effect on sales. I am sure this issue comes up all the time and would not be concerned at all.

Add this to the new Blackberry Slider being launched next Tuesday by RIMM and ATT, along with the new, and most probably amazing 6.0 Operating System too, I think the coast is clear for Blackberry shares to go much higher in the future. Its the company that literally Invented the Smart Phone and mobile email and data. They will not be outdone and are just getting started on Round two. I am long RIMM and plan to add a lot more. I want to see it go through $56 and then its a really good look. I added some today too.



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