Stocks To Buy And Trade. New Master List Of “Favored Stocks” Along With Investing Advice.

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Presented below is our “Favored Stocks” list. The list was developed with the guidance and expertise of Lange Financial Services ( LFS ). LFS has been mentioning many of these stocks on the site as companies to accumulate since the July/August 2010 lows. We consider these representative companies attractive for investing [longer than six months] as well as trading vehicles for accumulation during periods of market weakness. The objective is to attain an attractive average price for your position.

For more aggressive accounts, we recommend using a similar investment approach i.e. accumulating shares and using strength in the shares to “trade”  (Sell) at least part of the position during periods of strength. We remind you of the negative investment environment during the past decade and 2007-2009 specifically. You need to develop a trading and/or investment policy to enjoy success greater than the market. “There is only one reason one buys stocks and that is to sell them.” Fred Lange, Lange Financial Services.

The list below includes the current price, the Target Price, and for most stocks, the name of one of the major investment firm recommending the company. It should be noted that all the target prices come from major analysts recommendations. These targets are largely consensus opinion in addition to being a target that LFS and Wall And Broad believe are attainable.

Reviewing the list of companies below is only the beginning of the process. We highly recommend that an investor or trader then do their own detailed research on the individual company before investing.

We will update the list with target prices and changes to the stock selections when we deem it appropriate so check back to this page often.

Apple, Inc. AAPL                    $332.00 – $450.00 Deutsche Bank and others, many higher.

Akami AKAM                            $37.15 – $47.00

Alpha Natural ANR                 $53.68 – $80.00 Jefferies

Anadarko APC                           $77.60 – $110.00

Apache Energy APA               $121.70 – $150.00 Goldman

American Express A               $45.96 – $60.00 CITI

Peabody Energy BTU              $64.35 – $85.00 Jefferies

Cliffs Natural CLF                      $94.50 – $145.00 FBR Capital

Deere DE                                       $93.00 – $110.00 CITIGROUP

Deckers Outdoors DE              $89.60 – $110.00

Devon Energy DV                     $87.00 $110.00

Federal Express FD                  $93.18 – $120.00 Dahlman Rose

F5 Networks FFI                       $96.00 – $140.00 Deutsche Bank

Google GOOG                              $573.00 – $700 Smith Barney Some at $750.00

IBM IBM                                       $164.00 – $200.00

Marriott MAR                             $34.00 – $45.00

McDonalds MCD                        $77.00 – $85.00

MetLife MET                               $43.85 – 57.00 Morgan Stanley

3M, Inc. MMM                           $92.50 – $104.00 Argus

Oracle ORCL                               $33.40 – $39.00 Morgan Stanley

Qualcomm QCOM                    $52.04 – $65.00 Argus

Sandisk  SNDK                           $46.00 – $60.00 Argus

Schlumberger SLB                   $85.22 – $160.00 Morgan Stanley

Starwood Hotels HOT            $57.00 – $70.00 Citigroup

VMWare VMW                          $86.00 – $95.00

Wellpoint WLP                          $68.75 – $80.00 Morgan Stanley

Walters Energy WLT              $129.35 – $160.00 Deutsche Bank


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