Tapering Has Not Hurt The Economy Which Means The QE Stimulus Really Was Not Worthwhile. Brian Wesbury Of First Trust.

[ 1 ] August 26, 2014 |

Tapering Has Not Hurt The Economy. Brian Wesbury of First Trust. Watch Video From Link Below.

Conventional wisdom focuses way too much on Federal Reserve policy.

Many believed that the world was coming to an end in 2008, only to be saved by the Fed and their QE policy. Those same people feared that the start of Fed tapering would bring the supposed sugar high to a crashing halt.

But quantitative easing is not what has lifted the stock market and it’s not what has driven the economy over the past five years.

As tapering has taken place, the economy has actually become stronger. The markets are up, initial jobless claims have declined, and the average duration of unemployment has fallen at the fastest pace on record.

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  • Harry Bombardi

    “TOP ECONOMIST” – this guy has an MBA and so do I. That does NOT make me an economist. I would consider myself a fraud to represent myself as such.

    If you plot the growth of the Fed’s balance sheet it shows an amazing correlation to the rise of the S&P.

    It’s comments like Wesbury’s, who has a penchant for being an uber bull at the top in 2007 (just wiki the guy), who is in the business of getting you to place money with his firm.

    IMO, he is a well-paid shill that comes around during bull markets and during bear ones forgets his past calls. Also IMO, the worst Wall Street has to offer, as Nassim Taleb would say. They serve no real purpose.

    It would be nice is Wesbury had an economic thought in his head. To be upset that he and his ilk are is getting recognition in a mkt whose dynamics duplicate 1987 with money managers forced to take amazing risk belies his conveniently forgetting that in 2007 the mkt was, in his words, undervalued at the top and sub-prime would not be an issue. Great calls, Brian. As deflation hits the world let us know if you can look in the mirror. Sadly, you can and always will.